Friday, August 8, 2008

this thing really sucks

Sorry guys, We're too lazy to write anything original for this post, so here's a copy/paste version of what this straw is all about and what you can make it do:

"Composed of 36 dishwasher safe components, DIY Drinking Strawz guarantee that liquids get into your body exactly how you want them to. Want to mix drinks? Well, then build your straw to dip into two (or more) cups. Want to share? Then build an extra drinking branch. Want to mix drinks AND share? You can do that too!!! Amazing, ain't it? And hey, if you want to go nuts and really suck, you can buy more than one set and make a mondo-gigantic straw. You could be the Suck-Meister." We just hope that when we drink out of the cool straw we look as cool as these guys.

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